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Community Alcohol and Drugs Services Shetland (CADSS)
An independent voluntary organisation that provides a range of free confidential services to those affected by alcohol and/or drug use in Shetland.

CLAN is an independent charity for anyone affected by any type of cancer at any time from diagnosis onwards. Whether affected personally, as a carer, family member or close friend, our services are available to you.

COPE is a social enterprise company that supports adults with disabilities to fulfil their expressed need to participate in productive businesses.

Disability Shetland
To support the efforts of disabled people to realise their full potential in all areas of life.

Epilepsy Support Group Shetland
We provide an information and advice resource locally to those who have epilepsy and those whose lives are affected by epilepsy.

Marc Hutchison Asthma Trust (Shetland)
Raising the awareness and improving the knowledge and understanding on asthma within Shetland.

Moving On Employment project
We are a local charity set up in 1997 that has been successfully helping people with health problems and disabilities to find and hold down work.

Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Shetland branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Red Cross
The British Red Cross, North East Scotland and the Northern Isles.

Shetland Link Up
Supporting Recovery from Mental Distress ... Drop-in Centre, Women-of-Worth, Art Therapy.

Turning Point Craft Initiative
A Day Centre providing a therapeutic healing programme, where clients learn basic woodturning skills, gain motivation, confidence and re-build their lives.


Aith Junior High School

Anderson High School

Baltasound Junior High School
The most northerly school in the United Kingdom on the island of Unst in the Shetland Islands.

Brae High School

Burravoe Primary School

Cunningsburgh Primary School

Fair Isle Primary School

Fetlar Primary School
Fetlar Primary School serves the Island of Fetlar in Shetland.

Hamnavoe Primary School
Hamnavoe Primary School is a 3 teacher school with a roll of 60 pupils. It is situated on Burra Isle, on the west side of Shetland.

Lunnasting Primary School

Maths Mutt
Mathematical revision aids.

The NAFC Marine Centre was established by Shetland Islands Council as a key element of its strategy to support the local fish catching, aquaculture and fish processing industries. In order to support these functions, NAFC diversified into Merchant Navy Training.

Peerie Signers
providing quality baby signing programmes, classes and workshops for parents/carers, childminders and nurseries in Shetland.

Sandwick Junior High

Scalloway Junior High School

Shetland College
Shetland College is a partner within UHI Millennium Institute and offers students in Shetland the opportunity of studying further, higher and degree level courses.

Shetland Library Learning Centre
The Learning Centre is part of the Shetland Library service, providing access to the People's Network. This is a national initiative, bringing computer access to everyone via a network of public libraries.

Shetland Pre-School Play
Shetland Pre-School Play Ltd (S.P.P.) is a charitable organisation which provides services and support to all voluntary pre-school groups throughout the Shetland Islands.

Train Shetland
Train Shetland was formed in July 2002 to streamline the services offered to the public. It has two main areas in which it operates: Vocational Training in the form of Skillseekers and Modern Apprenticeships and Short Courses.

Whiteness Primary School


Bixter Health Centre
Bixter Health Centre is a Royal College of General Practitioners Accredited Practice 2005.

Brae Health Centre

Clinical Psychology Shetland
Psychological assessment and therapy, medico-legal reports,consultation service and independent training.

Lerwick Health Centre.

Levenwick Medical Practice

NHS Shetland
NHS Shetland is dedicated to improving the health of the people of Shetland.

Scalloway Health Centre

Unst Health Centre

Walls Health Centre

Whalsay Health Centre

Yell and Fetlar Medical Practice

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